Discover ... Himalayan Tea

We are an international community of lovers of cultivated tea with activities established since 2009.
Followers of tea traditions united by a passion to learn and share the valuable and pleasures of the culture of our tea gardens. We believe that the excellence of tea comes from the source and the sustainable environment; in the tranquility of the high altitude of the fertile Himalayan mountains.

Unique taste of the Himalayas
Our teas are grown on a beautiful terrace in the oldest land of mystery and spirituality, Nepal. The land is vortile and the air is pristine. The leaves are collected by the most experienced tea pickers. They are processed, cured and made exclusively by our tea master Aleksei Kudin, who developed unique flavors and flavors from the Himalayan collection.

Each sip of our tea will take you back to your source in the tea gardens in the Himalayas, Nepal. Located between India and Tibet, Nepal is known for its high altitudes and unique climatic conditions for the rich and exquisite character of tea. Thanks to these conditions, we can obtain the most natural tasty teas that will please your palate, improve your health and elevate your spirit.
Discover new flavors
We use multiple methods of post-fermentation and fixation with air, sun and even live fire to create several unique flavors, very typical of the nature where it grows. Woody and sweet with top notes of flowers, fruits and spices. Enzyme enrichment and curing methods that expose full body flavor and golden liquor. Caramel, long velvety aftertaste.